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BioCatalytic Cell

Category: Bio - energy
Thora H Arnardottir, Jessica Dias and Christopher Wong
Advisors: Chiara Farinea, Paolo Bombelli, Carmelo Zappulla &
Maria Kupstova
Biology Support: Núria Conde Pueyo
Guest Advisor: Claudia Pasquero 

This project focuses on using and adapting a biophotovoltaic film system to create an adaptive energy-producing algae cell, harnessing this microorganism’s ability to harvest solar energy and generate electricity via the photosynthesis process. The cell panel rotates to agitate the algae and generates electricity through a network of conductive anode and cathode meshes with a carbon catalyst to transfer electrons from the cell surface to the electrode that harvests them. The structure lays out each panel in such a way as to maximize solar exposure without sun-bleaching the biofilms. Through connected tubing within the transparent structure, the power output from this setup is able to generate approximately 55 millivolts per panel, enough to power an environmental sensor or LED lights.

BioCatalytic Cell is a project developed at IAAC Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia.

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