The BioBabes collective is an international team of feminist biodesigners, makers, and biohackers engaged in the design of better futures. A multicultural, multidisciplinary group that started at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia in 2015 exploring the possibilities within the realms of biodesign. 


We are experienced designers working with a range of material and fabrication processes, which include living organisms and organic matter. We work to disseminate biodesign to a wider audience with innovations related to the emerging field of biofabrication. 


The collective is currently set up as a creative bio-centered research, design, and biofabrication consultancy studio with a cross-disciplinary approach. We welcome collaborations with designers, scientists, makers, and local industries, to enrich our research through design processes in order to secure industry-standard biobased materials and products for the consumer market.


Biobabes BioSummit19 at

 MIT Media Lab

- Boston.

10x10 Design Connections, British Council
- London Norway.

Biodesign Here Now at Opencell during London Design Festival.
- London Norway.

Volumetric Stimulus HOUDINI workshop with Javier Ruiz

- Amsterdam.

NOBA'S Symposium 2019, exploring bioart and design.
- Ås, Norway


BioVer - RESHAPE18


- Barcelona.

Biobabes BioSummit18 at

 MIT Media Lab

- Boston.

Pulpo Collective’s installation for the Vivid Sydney Festival
- Sydney, Australia

Making Fashion Sense exhibition.

- Basel, Switzerland.

BioDigital Conference

- Barcelona Spain.

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