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'The collective of biodesigners who
want to give visibility to the invisible.'
"Our goal is to give visibility to the invisible, enlarging the microscopic and illuminating the extravagant".

Interview with AD Magazine Italia


The BioBabes collective is an international team of feminist biodesigners, makers, and biohackers engaged in the design of better futures. A multicultural, multidisciplinary group that started at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia in 2015 exploring the possibilities within the realms of biodesign. 


We are experienced designers working with a range of material and fabrication processes, which include living organisms and organic matter. We work to disseminate biodesign to a wider audience with innovations related to the emerging field of biofabrication. 


The collective is currently set up as a creative bio-centered research, design, and biofabrication consultancy studio with a cross-disciplinary approach. We welcome collaborations with designers, scientists, makers, and local industries, to enrich our research through design processes in order to secure industry-standard biobased materials and products for the consumer market.

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BioCatalytic Cell
Crystal formation_S_Pasteurii_Bacteria
Living Light
Bacterial dye
BioCatalytic Cell
Bioplastic pants
Kombucha Skin
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