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Category: Urban Metabolic System
By: Jessica Dias, Andre Resende, Jose Javier
Advisor: Javier Peña, Rodrigo Rubio
Assistant: Oriol Carrasco
Biology Support: Nuria Conde Pueyo
Computational Support: Rodrigo Aguirre

Fabrication Support: Ricardo Valbuena

Architecture and Urbanism are experiencing major shifts and facing new challenges related to human collaborative behaviours, advancement in technologies and diminishing natural resources. Designers must now rethink how to approach pertinent issues in a more efficient and considerate way with regards to Nature. Leaving behind the rigid-top down Fordist model and the notion of a planet with infinite resources.

Following these logics, we propose to integrate a new metabolic layer in the city, one which will treat waste biologically and be controlled by its users: the citizens themselves. The non-hierarchical growing systems will provide citizens with new inputs such as Biogas for their kitchens, filtered grey water for crops and toilets and produce Biofertilizer for urban agriculture. Aligning itself with the self-sufficient agenda we must follow as 21st-century designers.

We follow the example of small communities in less developed countries, that deal with waste in a decentralized and respectful way. Through the installation of human scale technologies and community management, we aim to empower and inspire citizens, educating them to appreciate and support the natural development of our planet.

Rizoma is a project developed at IAAC Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia.

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