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BioVer: Animated Adornment

Category: Bio - wearable
Designers:  Thora H Arnardottir, Jessica Dias and Nikos Argyros
Glass Artist: Agustina Ros
Theoretical Advisor: Pierluca D'Amato
Photographer: Sandro Arabyan
Model: Lili Tayefi

Nature has always inspired humans, we have found shelter, enhanced ourselves physically and through her abundance of resources, we found food and protection. Nowadays, surrounded by our digital devices, our connection, and understanding of it is broken. With BioVer, we propose a slower pace, one that tends to synchronise human activities with natural cycles and as a response to reconnect with nature we propose a wearable application catered to the care of living organisms.


Usually observed in their natural habitat, or confined to laboratories and petri plates, we have taken the micro-organism Physarum polycephalum, or more commonly known as slime mould, and redesigned its habitat as a ring and a necklace. We want to challenge the relation of observation, instead of confining our practice to the lab, we are able to share the experience and observe alongside the species, encouraging a persistent attention to nature and promoting a practice of care towards living beings.

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